The property management services provided by the group include:

  • Advice to maximise rental income and capital appreciation on properties held for investment
  • Lettings and negotiations of tenancy terms including rental reviews and repair covenants including recommendations on rental / sales policy
  • Ensuring performance of tenancy agreements
  • Advice on tenant-mix to ensure the success of a commercial complex partly or wholly held for investment including advice on valuation for fire insurance and on insurance related to property
  • Collection of rents and control of maintenance costs and service charges including payments of all outgoings, maintaining rents rolls and accounting regularly for monies collected
  • Preparation of annual budget for building management and accounting of service charges
  • Supervision of day-to-day maintenance works including arrangement and supervising maintenance contracts for lifts, air-conditioning and contracts for security, cleaning and other services
  • Advice on depreciation allowances and sinking funds to be set aside for plant and machinery